Characteristics of national and world class female pentathletes

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KRAHENBUHL, G.S., C.L. WELLS, C.H. BROWN and P. WARD. Characteristics of national and world-class female pentathletes. Med. Sci. Sports. Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 20-23, 1979. Nine national and world-class female pentathletes were assessed for body composition, maximal aerobic power (V̇o2max), strength, and speed. The subjects averaged 175.4 cm in height, 65.4 kg in weight, 11.0% relative body fat, 45.9 ml kg min-1 in V̇o2max, and 8.35 m/sec for maximal running speed. When compared with other athletic females, this group was tall and lean with good, but not exceptional, maximal aerobic power. Group means for one-repetition maximum lifts were 59.7 kg (power clean), 61.5 kg (horizontal bench press), 60.0 kg (pull down), 87.9 kg (squat), 44.9 kg (incline bench press), and 36.3 kg (leg curl). Within this elite group the most successful performers were stronger and possessed a greater lean body weight which together suggest the importance of muscle mass for success in the pentathlon.


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