Growth and structure of TiCxNy coatings chemically vapour deposited on graphite substrates

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TiCxNy coatings were grown on graphite substrates in a computer-controlled, hot-wall chemical vapour deposition (CVD) reactor, using gas mixtures of TiCl4–CH4–N2–H2 at a total pressure of 10.7 kPa (80 torr) and at a temperature of 1400 K. Growth rate, composition, morphology and crystallographic texture of the TiCxNy coatings were investigated as a function of the CH4/CH4+N2 ratio in the range 0–1 at a constant CH4+N2 flow rate of 370 standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm). The C/C+N ratio and growth rate of the TiCxNy coatings increased with increasing CH4/CH4+N2 ratio in the gas phase. The compositions of the coatings with C/C+N ratios in the range 0–1 were found to be between the thermodynamic and the kinetic predictions. Morphology and preferred orientation of the coatings were observed to be strongly affected by the CH4/CH4+N2 ratio in the gas phase.

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