Mechanical properties of calcium- and strontium-substituted lanthanum chromite

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Mechanical properties of acceptor (calcium and strontium)-substituted lanthanum chromites are reported as a function of composition, temperature and environment. The strength dependence on temperature for these perovskite conductors was found to depend on the acceptor type, with the calcium-substituted chromites showing a significant reduction in strength with increasing temperature, while the strength of strontium-substituted chromites was essentially invariant with temperature. The decrease in strength observed upon annealing in highly reducing environments was correlated to changes in lattice structure, stoichiometry and fracture morphology. A significant observation was the decrease in the cohesive strength of the grains relative to grain boundaries, beyond a critical oxygen vacancy concentration in the chromites. The structural changes in the chromite lattice upon reduction also resulted in decreased fracture toughness.

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