Neutron diffraction study on the medium and short-range order of ternary chalcogenide glasses

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Glasses from GexAs40−xS60, GexAs40−xSe60, GexSb40−xS60 and GexSb40−xSe60 families have been investigated by neutron diffraction. The well expressed “first sharp diffraction peak” of the neutron spectra at Q = 10–14 nm−1 has been explained by a pseudo-binary model of the structure of studied chalcogenide glasses. The amplitude of this interference maximum increases with Ge-content in all investigated samples. Experimental radial distribution functions show that the basic structural units, GeS(Se)4 tetrahedra and As(Sb)S3 or As(Sb)Se3 pyramids persist in glassy state for the whole range of studied compositions. Crystal-like model distribution functions have been used to describe the short-range order observed. A shortening of heteropolar bonds in S-containing glasses as well as an increase of heteropolar bonds length in Se-containing glasses has been found.

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