Preparation and properties of TiC micro-coils and micro-tubes by the vapour phase titanizing of carbon micro-coils

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TiC micro-coils and micro-tubes were prepared by the vapour phase titanizing of the regular carbon micro-coils, and the preparation conditions and some properties were examined. The carbon coils were titanized from the surface of the fiber to the core with full preservation of the coiling morphology to form TiC micro-coils or micro-tubes. The bulk electrical resistivity was 0.1–0.01 Ω·cm depending on the titanized rate and the bulk density. The specific surface area of the source carbon coils (about 100 m2/g) was significantly decreased with increasing reaction temperature and reaction time. The tensile strength of a TiC micro-tube was 660 MPa. The attenuation ratio against an electromagnetic wave of the TiC micro-tubes (30 wt % in epoxy resin) was about 90% (dB = −10) for 800–900 MHz.

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