Effect of loading on recovery of internal friction of Al-16 Wt % Ag and Al-16 Wt % Ag-0.28 Wt % Fe alloys

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The phenomenon of internal friction recovery of Al-16 wt %Ag and Al-16 wt %Ag-0.28 wt % Fe alloys is studied after cold-working the samples in uniaxial tension using the free decay method. The wire samples are investigated for internal friction recovery while they were loaded-within the elastic limit-by different loads at different resting temperatures. It is found that by increasing the temporary loading the rate of recovery decreases. TEM investigations confirmed that the addition of Fe to Al-Ag alloy accelerates the formation and coarsening of G.P.zones. The results are explained on the basis of dislocation damping adopting the Granato-Lücke model for recovery of internal friction.

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