High-temperature structural change of catalytic MnOx-LaOx-Al2O3 powder for lean-exhaust NOx removal treatment

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Solid-state reaction between compositions and sintering behavior of powders at 600–1100°C were examined by x-ray diffraction, electron spin resonance and surface area measurement. Manganese-alumina catalyst, which was even subjected to heat treatment at 1000°C in air, had the NO removal conversion efficiency of 22% at 350–400°C Structural change and chemical state of alumina-supported manganese catalytic powders were studied for the purpose of the improvement of performance in automotive lean-burn NO x removal treatment for a model lean exhaust with high space velocity of 100,000 h−1. La-modification of support was effective to maintain high surface area of powder, however it did not lead to the improvement of NO removal activity for manganese-based catalyst.

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