Synthesis of La1−xPbxMnO3 colossal magnetoresistive ceramics from co-precipitated oxalate precursors

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The precursors of La1−xPbxMnO3 manganite colossal magnetoresistive ceramics were prepared by co-precipitation process via the oxalate route using oxides as the starting materials. The mathematical model of the solution was developed and the conditions of the complete co-precipitation of all cations existing in the solution as insoluble oxalates were determined. La1−xPbxMnO3 manganites were synthesized by high-temperature thermal treatment of the precursors. It was demonstrated that the two-stage annealing procedure: 12 hours at 800°C in air and 12 hours at 950°C in flowing O2 permits to synthesize compositions with the required stoichiometry exhibiting colossal magnetoresistive properties.

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