Investigation on the electrophoretic deposition of a FGM piezoelectric monomorph actuator

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In this paper, a FGM monomorph actuator was fabricated and its properties were also investigated. The procedure of fabricating such an actuator using electrophoretic deposition (EPD) was first established. The important processing parameters, such as zeta potential, were determined. The phase composition and microstructure of the deposits were examined using XRD and SEM. Smooth gradient microstructure was observed over the cross section and no significant defects and sharp interface was observed. The displacement of a monomorph, with dimension of 15.0 mm in length, 3.0 mm in width and 0.3 mm in thickness, was measured to be 4.16 μm under 100 V with low loss using photonic sensor. Both the microstructure and the electromechanical properties of the FGM monomorph actuator have indicated that EPD technique is a promising fabrication method for high performance components.

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