Corrosion behaviour of steels and refractory metals in flowing Lead-Bismuth Eutectic at low oxygen activity

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The corrosion behaviours of AISI 316L and T91 steels, and several refractory metals as W, Mo and Ta, were investigated in flowing lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) at 400°C. The tests were performed in the LECOR (Lead Corrosion) loop, at low oxygen activity in LBE. The results obtained show that all materials exhibited a weight loss after exposure to the flowing LBE, except for the case of tantalum, which exhibits a weight gain. The resistance to corrosion offered by refractory metals has been found higher in comparison to the case of both steels. Moreover, the austenitic steel behaved more resistance to corrosion induced by LBE than the martensitic steel, under the test condition adopted.

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