Influence of surface modification of alumina on bond strength in Al2O3/Al/Al2O3 joints

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The subject of the work was to study the effect of Ti thin film on alumina ceramic on mechanical strength and fracture character of Al2O3/Al/Al2O3 joints. The joints were formed by liquid state bonding of alumina substrates covered with titanium thin film of 800 nm thickness using Al interlayer of 30 μm thickness at temperature of 973 K in a vacuum of 0.2 mPa for 5 min. The bend strength was measured by four-point bending test at room temperature. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy were applied for detailed characterization of interface structure and failure character of fractured joint surfaces.Result analysis has shown that application of the Ti thin film on alumina leads to decrease of bond strength properties of Al2O3/Al/Al2O3 joints along with the change either of structure and chemistry of interface or of failure character.

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