Diffusion of carbon and titanium in γ-iron in a magnetic field and a magnetic field gradient

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The diffusion coefficients of carbon and titanium in γ-iron were measured in a 6T magnetic field and in magnetic field gradients ranging from 30 to 45 T/m. We have found that the diffusion of carbon in γ-iron is retarded by application of a 6T magnetic field. In contrast with carbon diffusion, no noticeable effect of a magnetic field on the diffusivity of titanium in γ-iron is observed. On the other hand, the diffusion of carbon in γ-iron can be enhanced in a magnetic field gradient when carbon atoms move towards the direction with a higher magnetic field strength. The higher the magnetic field gradient strength becomes, the more the carbon diffusion is enhanced. Nevertheless, a magnetic field gradient causes a decrease in diffusivity of carbon in γ-iron when the opposite magnetic field gradient is applied.

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