Energies of [001] small angle grain boundaries in aluminum

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Energies of symmetric [001] tilt and twist small angle grain boundaries in aluminum have been examined as a function of misorientations. Boundary energies were evaluated relative to solid/liquid interfacial energies by a dihedral angle method on surface grooves. Energies of (100)s tilt boundaries with the Burgers vector of a[100] were rather smaller than those of (110)s tilt boundaries with a/2[110]. Energies of twist boundaries at θ < 4° were slightly larger than those of (110)s tilt boundaries. The energies were well explained as a function of misorientations by the Read-Shockley type equation. The equation also correctly described the difference in elastic energy factors between the (110)s tilt and twist boundaries. However, the term b in the equation may take a constant value independent of the Burgers vectors.

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