Reactions of slip dislocations with twin boundary in Fe-Si bicrystals

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Specimens for in situ TEM straining were prepared from Fe-5.5 at.%Si ∑3 bicrystals with {112} grain boundary plane. They were strained under three different directions of the stress at the boundary with respect to the orientation of the grains. Transfer of slip across the boundary was analysed. In one case, the transfer of slip was realized by a transformation of the slip dislocation in one grain into the slip dislocation in the other grain. Low energy dislocation was created in the GB in accordance with general transfer criteria. In the second case, the incoming and outgoing slip systems were in direct contraction to the general transfer criteria. In the third case, oriented for common slip system in both grains, the trapped incoming slip dislocations dissociated into twinning dislocations which created twins on the other side of the boundary.

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