Effect of crucible material on optical bandgap and activation energy of Na2O-CdO-P2O5 glasses

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In the sodium cadmium phosphate glasses, the effect of diffused alumina from alumina crucible has been assessed by measuring various properties such as mass density, refractive index, optical bandgap and dc conductivity. The results of measurements corresponding to glasses prepared in alumina crucible have been compared with those of glasses prepared in platinum crucible with and without adding Al2O3. The Optical bandgap and direct current (dc) electrical conductivity of the Na2O-CdO-P2O5 glasses prepared in alumina and platinum crucibles have been determined at room temperature. These glasses have also been electrically characterised in the temperature range 293–423 K. Activation energy Ea of the samples prepared in alumina crucible lies in the range 0.60–0.96 eV whereas it stands in the range of 0.57–0.94 eV for the samples prepared in platinum crucible.

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