Measuring Satisfaction Among Low-Income Women: A Prenatal Care Questionnaire

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ObjectiveTo evaluate the reliability and construct validity of a prenatal care satisfaction scale.MethodA prenatal care satisfaction scale that included six dimensions of care based on the literature was tested during a telephone interview with 101 first-time African-American and Mexican-American mothers 18 and over who receive Medicaid.ResultsThe scale exhibited high reliability (Cronbach's alpha = 0.95), as well as good construct validity. The correlation between the scale and rating of the quality of care overall was 0.74 (p < 0.001) the correlation between the scale and whether the women would recommend this provider to a friend was 0.67 (p < 0.001). Results from correlation and factor analysis suggested a different set of dimensions than those described in the literature.ConclusionThe 22-question satisfaction with prenatal care scale has excellent reliability and construct validity and taps six established dimensions of satisfaction, including the art of care, technical quality, access, physical environment, availability, and efficacy. The multidimensional scale allows for alternative groupings of the domains of satisfaction as our understanding of prenatal care satisfaction increases.

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