Improvements in Grade Tonnage Curve Prediction via Sequential Gaussian Fractal Simulation1

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An application of sequential Gaussian fractal conditional simulation is presented, using actual sparse, irregularly spaced open cut gold data, to predict the grade tonnage curve associated with a single mining bench. It is shown that this constitutes an improvement over the prediction of the grade tonnage curves obtained via standard sequential Gaussian simulation and median indicator simulation. The fractal conditional simulation method uses the model of the covariance of increments of fractional Brownian motion together with the fractal co-dimension derived from a truncated power semivariogram model to create conditional simulations from irregularly spaced data. The grades and tonnages above several discrete cut offs are calculated for each of one hundred simulations, and the mean and variance of the grade and tonnage values for each cut off are computed to give an average grade tonnage curve with associated confidence limits.

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