Pharmacoeconomics Research Credibility: A Controversial and Recurring Theme in Health Outcomes Research

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This paper provides a framework for and discussion of the continued development and adoption of good health outcomes practice with application to health outcomes research.


We explored the issue of credibility in health outcomes research, including efforts within academia, governments, industry, and other interested parties to elevate the standard of health outcomes research to that currently expected of clinical research. A large percentage of health outcomes research programs are designed, implemented, and funded through efforts of the pharmaceutical industry; this fact casts doubt on the validity of study findings, with the result that these results often may be disregarded entirely.


The constantly increasing need to demonstrate value for money in the context of health-care interventions is likely to continue as the need for continued high quality medical care persists and health-care budgets decline. Efforts aimed at guiding health-care expenditures, such as health outcomes research, require further examination and attention.

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