Enhanced NOR-1 gene expression by exposure of Chinese hamster cells to high-density 50 Hz magnetic fields

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Enhanced expression of neuron derived orphan receptor (NOR-1) gene was observed by exposure of Chinese hamster ovary K1 (CHO-K1) cells to an extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELFMF) of 50 Hz at 400 mT, but not at 5 mT. The enhanced expression, reaching the maximum at 6 h, was transient and reduced to the control level after exposure to 400 mT ELFMF for 24 h. The NOR-1 expression induced by treatment with forskolin and TPA was further enhanced by the simultaneous treatment with 400 mT ELFMF, in which the maximum response was at 3 h. The NOR-1 expression by these treatments was induced more earlier than that by 400 mT ELFMF alone. When cells were treated with an inhibitor of the protein kinase C (calphostin C or crocetin) and Ca2+ entry blockers (nifedipin and dantrolen) during the 400 mT ELFMF exposure, the enhanced NOR-1 expression was not observed. Exposure of CHO-K1 cells to the high-density 400 mT ELFMF may affect the signal transduction in the cells, resulting in the enhanced NOR-1 gene expression.

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