Garlic Compound, Diallyl Disulfide Induces Cell Cycle Arrest in Prostate Cancer Cell Line PC-3

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Prostate cancer is the most predominant cancer in men and related death rate increases every year. Till date, there is no effective therapy for androgen independent prostate cancer. Previous studies reported that aged garlic extract suppresses cancer growth. In the present study, diallyl disulfide [DADS], oil soluble organosulfur compound of garlic, was studied for its antiproliferative and induction of cell cycle arrest on prostate cancer cells in vitro. The suppression of cell growth was assessed by MTT assay. Induction of cell cycle arrest was assessed and confirmed by propidium iodide staining in flowcytometric analysis and western blotting analysis of major cell cycle regulator proteins. The results showed that DADS inhibited the growth of prostate cancer cells in a dose dependent manner, compared to the control. At 25 μM and 40 μM concentrations, DADS induced cell cycle arrest at G2/M transition in PC-3 cells. Western blotting analysis of cyclin A, B1 and cyclin dependent kinase 1 [CDK1] revealed that DADS inhibited the cell cycle by downregulating CDK1 expression. It is concluded that DADS, inhibits proliferation of prostate cancer cells through cell cycle arrest. Dose dependent effect of DADS on PC-3 cell line was observed in the present study.

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