Precision Cardiovascular Medicine: State of Genetic Testing

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In the 15 years following the release of the first complete human genome sequences, our understanding of rare and common genetic variation as determinants of cardiovascular disease susceptibility, prognosis, and therapeutic response has grown exponentially. As such, the use of genomics to enhance the care of patients with cardiovascular diseases has garnered increased attention from clinicians, researchers, and regulatory agencies eager to realize the promise of precision genomic medicine. However, owing to a large burden of “complex” common diseases, emphasis on evidence-based practice, and a degree of unfamiliarity/discomfort with the language of genomic medicine, the development and implementation of genomics-guided approaches designed to further individualize the clinical management of a variety of cardiovascular disorders remains a challenge. In this review, we detail a practical approach to genetic testing initiation and interpretation as well as review the current state of cardiovascular genetic and pharmacogenomic testing in the context of relevant society and regulatory agency recommendations/guidelines.

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