Children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and comorbid depression: a descriptive study

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ADHD is a major clinical and public health problem in children because of its associated morbidity and disability. Depression is one of the most common comorbidities among ADHD which may have its impact on clinical symptoms, management and treatment response. So our objectives to detect major depression whether as a disorder or as symptoms among patients with ADHD. Subjects and method; 70 patient with ADHD selected from child psychiatry clinic of Abassia mental hospital with age range between 6-16 years, we excluded cases with MR, ASD and Psychotic disorders. Diagnosis of ADHD and comorbidities according to DSMIV criteria via history taking and KSAD-PL and determining ADHD clinical profile via CONNER'S rating scale.


Twenty three (32.9%) patients had depressive symptoms while 19 (27.1%) patients had MD. Depression and depressive symptoms were significantly more among females and more among combined and inattentive type but with no significance.


ADHD and comorbid depression was a major health problem need proper assessment and hence tailoring of treatment plan to improve outcome.

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