Physical and sexual well-being during and after tramadol dependence

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In Egypt the wide range of tramadol usage comes back from many myths regarding its value in improving physical and sexual function. This study aims to assess the sexual self-esteem, satisfaction about sexual relation, and quality of life during tramadol dependence and 6 months after complete absentance of tramadol.

Materials and methods

A total of 112 married male patients who were dependent on tramadol were recruited, treated, and then followed up for a 6-month duration. All individuals were examined using Self-Esteem and Relationship questionnaire and Short Form-36 health survey during the dependence period and 6 months after the complete absentance of tramadol use.


All Self-Esteem and Relationship questionnaire subscales were better in post-treatment than in pretreatment periods. The physical functioning and role limitation because of physical health showed no significant differences before and after the treatment of tramadol dependence. Significant improvement in general health, social functioning, and emotional well-being were observed in post-treatment than in dependence period. In contrast, pain, energy, and role limitation due to emotional problems were more in dependence period than in post-treatment period.


Most of the myths about tramadol value in improving sexual and physical function were proved to be wrong.

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