Relationship of SELE A561C and G98T Variants With the Susceptibility to CAD

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Published genetic association studies have produced controversial results regarding the association of SELE gene polymorphisms (A516C and G98T) and CAD susceptibility. We therefore chose to perform a meta-analysis to determine the association.

Twenty-seven eligible articles were identified through electronic databases, providing 5170 CAD cases and 4996 controls. Fixed-effects or random-effects summary ORs were calculated to estimate the risk of CAD in relation to A516C and G98T. Forest plots and funnel plots were constructed by Stata software 12.0.

A strong association was observed between A516C and susceptibility of CAD among 4757 cases and 4272 controls. The summary OR was greatest in individuals carrying the CC genotype (OR = 1.91, 95% CI, 1.12–3.25). A significantly increased risk was indicated in both Caucasians and Asians. The analyses by disease type showed a significant increase in the risk of AP and MI. We also noted a strong association in population-based studies. In the analyses of G98T, data were available for 1422 cases and 1625 controls. We saw a markedly increased risk of CAD associated with G98T. The highest risk was indicated in individuals with the TT genotype (OR = 2.82, 95% CI, 1.15–6.89). A similar trend was seen in Asians and population-based studies.

These findings provide consistent evidence that A516C and G98T polymorphisms of the SELE gene may be associated with increased susceptibility of CAD.

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