Modified Thoracoscopic Hepatectomy For Segment VIII: A Case Report

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Although previous studies have reported the use of total thoracoscopic hepatectomy (TH) for malignant liver tumors, it is technically impossible to perform intraoperative ultrasonography (IUSO) to exclude intrahepatic metastasis for the whole liver via a thoracic approach. Therefore, total TH may be inappropriate for these patients. We here report the first case of modified TH for a malignant liver tumor in China.

The patient was a 26-year-old man with a 10-year HBV infection. Preoperative CT showed a 1.2 cm × 0.9 cm mass located in segment VIII. His alpha-fetal protein level was 444 ng/mL. Child–Pugh was Grade (A, 6), whereas an ICG-15 test yielded 2.7%. HCC was diagnosed preoperatively. The indications for TH were difficult tumor location, HCC, and a young patient with good resilience.

The modified TH included 2 steps: (1) the patient was placed in a supine position. IUSO was used to locate the tumor in segment VIII and determine that intrahepatic metastasis had not occurred. The hepatoduodenal ligament was hanged over using a Pringle maneuver; (2) patient was then placed in the left-lateral position with single-lung ventilation. Three trocars were placed into the right thoracic cavity. The intra-thoracic space was observed using a regular 10-mm rigid scope. The diaphragm was transected and retracted. IUSO was used again to confirm the tumor location. Under the Pringle maneuver (once every 10 min), the superficial portion of the liver was transected by ultrasonic shears, whereas the deeper tissue was transected by LigaSure. Bipolar was used for hemostasis. The specimen was put into a retrieval bag and removed from the abdominal trocar. The diaphragm was repaired by running suturing. The operation time was 260 minutes and estimated blood loss was 30 mL. The patient was discharged on postoperative day 5 with normal liver function. No complications arose.

Total TH may be inappropriate for malignant liver tumors due to the limitation of IUSO for the whole liver. The 2-step modified TH is technically feasible and suitable for malignant liver tumors located in segments VII or VIII.

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