Concurrent Kimura disease and lupus nephritis: A case report

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Background:Kimura disease is a rare chronic inflammatory disorder with peripheral eosinophilia and elevated serum IgE and is also frequently complicated by nephropathy.Methods:We report a rare case of Kimura disease concomitant with lupus nephritis in a 72-year old male patient with recurrent unexplained lymphadenopathy, renal lesions, and immunologic abnormalities.Results:The patient was successfully managed with gamma immunoglobulin, intravenous pulse methylprednisolone therapy, hydroxychloroquine, and prednisone.Conclusion:This is the first report of a case of Kimura disease concomitant with lupus nephritis and highlights the importance of considering lupus nephritis as a possible concurrent disease in patients with Kimura disease that have immunologic abnormalities.

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