Establishing a new formula for estimating renal depth in a Chinese adult population

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We aimed to establish a new formula for estimating renal depth, based on anthropometric variables, and to compare the estimates with actual data from a group of living kidney donors undergoing computed tomography angiography (CTA).

Renal depths in 167 living kidney donors were measured by CTA. Regression analysis was used to derive the formulae for estimation of renal depth of both kidneys based on patient age, sex, body height, body weight, and body mass index (BMI). The results of the renal depth estimation from the derived formulae were compared with those using existing formulae.

Using regression analysis, we derived 2 new formulae as follows; for left kidney, renal depth (cm) = 0.083 × W − 0.058 × H + 11.541 (male) or 10.89 (female), for right kidney, renal depth (cm) = 13.498 × W/H + 2.141 (male) or 1.816 (female), in which W represents the weight (kg) and H represents the height (cm). The correlation coefficients between our left or right renal depth estimates and those obtained from other formulae in another 271 kidney donors were 0.864 (left) or 0.893 (right) by the Tønnesen, 0.937 (left) or 0.97 (right) by the Taylor, 0.937 (left) or 0.97 (right) by the Itoh, 0.927 (left) or 0.951 (right) by the Li-qian, and 0.937 (left) or 0.97 (right) by the Inoue formula.

Our formula may be more precise than the Tønnesen formula in estimating the renal depth. Estimating formulae based on CT findings might be useful in clinical practice.

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