A case report of congenital umbilical arteriovenous malformation complicated with liver failure after surgical excision

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Few case reports of umbilical arteriovenous malformation (AVM) have been reported. Herein, we report a neonatal case of umbilical AVM who underwent liver failure after surgical excision.

Patient concerns:

The patient was a girl delivered at a gestational age of 39+5 weeks showing cyanosis and heart murmur.


Cardiac echography, abdominal ultrasonography (USG), and computed tomography revealed suspecting the umbilical AVM.


On the eighth day after birth, because of the aggravation of heart failure, emergency surgery for excision of umbilical AVM was performed.


In postoperative state, worsened laboratory test of liver function and coagulopathy indicated the liver failure. Abdominal USG revealed that the portal vein (PV) flow primarily occurred from the left PV to the inferior vena cava via ductus venosus and coarse hepatic echogenicity. After conservative management, laboratory findings of liver function and the flow direction of the left PV were normal, as demonstrated by abdominal USG within 50th postoperative day.


Careful preoperative evaluation of an AVM of a large size with significant blood flow should be performed, and the possibility of liver failure after surgery should always be considered.

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