Management of patients with placenta accreta in association with fever following vaginal delivery

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This study aims to analyze the clinical characteristics and to manage patients with retained placenta left in situ accompanied by fever following vaginal delivery.

Twenty-one patients with retained placenta in association with fever following vaginal delivery were enrolled and managed at the maternity department of our university hospital between 2012 and 2014.

All patients had risk factors for development of placenta accreta: previous cesarean sections (4/21), previous curettage (15/21), or uterine malformations (7/21). Placenta accreta was diagnosed following vaginal delivery in all patients, and manual removal of the placenta was attempted in 20 of 21 patients. The placenta left in situ was partial in 19 patients and was complete in 2 patients. All patients were managed with a multidisciplinary approach. Mifepristone was administrated to 16 patients. Fourteen patients received uterine artery embolization. Eleven patients were treated with ultrasound-guided curettage within 24 hours following delivery. Seven patients needed delayed-hysterectomy due to development of complications.

Intrauterine operations during labor are not recommended if placenta accreta occurs in the fundus and/or in the cornual region of the uterus. Antibiotic treatment, interventional therapy, and ultrasound-guided curettage within 24 hours following vaginal delivery are the recommended conservative management strategies.

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