Association between polymorphisms in interleukins and oral lichen planus: A meta-analysis

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More and more studies have suggested that single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in interleukin (IL) genes are correlated with an increased risk of developing oral lichen planus (OLP). However, these results were inconsistent. Therefore, the aim of this meta-analysis is to retrieve and comprehensively analyze all related clinical studies to investigate the association of ILs gene polymorphisms with the OLP risk.


PubMed, Embase, and the Cochrane Library were searched for eligible studies to evaluate the association between IL polymorphisms and the OLP. The odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) from each study were pooled to estimate the strength of the association. Statistical analyses were performed by using STATA software.


In all 6 studies, including 4 SNPs (IL6-174G/C, IL10-592C/A, IL10-819C/T, and IL10-1082G/A), 362 OLP patients and 622 non-OLP control subjects from five different countries were investigated. As for the IL6-174G/C, IL10-819C/T, and IL10-1082G/A, no evidence was found to support the association between SNP and OLP susceptibility in any genetic models. However, as for IL10-592C/A, a significant relationship between them was identified in all of comparison models (C vs A: OR = 0.724, 95% CI = 0.585–0.897, P = 0.003; CC vs AA: OR = 0.447, 95% CI = 0.276–0.722, P = 0.001; AC vs AA: OR = 0.585, 95% CI = 0.387–0.883, P = 0.011; CC+AC vs AA: OR = 0.544, 95% CI = 0.365–0.809, P = 0.003; CC vs AA+AC: OR = 0.715, 95% CI = 0.515–0.994, P = 0.046).


With the presently available evidence, this meta-analysis fails to show the statistical associations between IL6-174G/C, IL10-819C/T, and IL10-1082G/A and OLP susceptibility in any genetic models. However, the A allele and AA genotype in IL10-592C/A polymorphism may increase the risk of OLP. In the future, more well-designed studies with larger sample sizes are needed.

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