Intermittent pupillary capture of intraocular lens after transscleral fixation in congenital ectopia lentis patient triggered by dark environment: A case report

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Although transscleral-fixated intraocular lens (IOL) implantation has been the most frequently chosen treatment for patients with inadequate capsule support, the ghost pupillary capture phenomenon did not cause enough attention.

Patient Concerns:

We present an unusual case withintermittent pupillary capture of intraocular lens.


After 5 minutes staying in the dark environment, the pentacam examination revealed a mild nasal pupillary capture of the IOL.


A clear observation using the slit-lamp was attempted, and the light shining on the pupil sped up the sliding of the captured IOL.


The captured portion of the IOL recovered rapidly accompanied with pupil retraction when the patient was exposed in the light.


Pupillary capture of an IOL is an uncommon but potentially serious postoperative complication of transscleral fixation. Many pupillary capture cases may have been overlooked in the past. Physicians should be aware of its potential side effect, recognize its clinical manifestation, and knowledgeable of effective management.

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