Type III Monteggia fracture with posterior interosseous nerve injury in a child: A case report

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Elbow injury in children by improper treatment or a delay of more than 3 weeks could lead to old unreduced Monteggia fracture, which are difficult to manage. Conservative or normal surgical methods usually fail.

Patient concerns:

Herein, we present a 6-year-old boy with sustaining injury approximately 1 month to his left elbow. Activity in his elbow was restricted, and his ability to extend his wrist and fingers was impaired.


Type III Monteggia elbow fracture-dislocation consisting of radial head dislocation and malunion of the ulna associated with posterior interosseous nerve palsy were confirmed, which requiring surgical treatment.


A closed reduction was performed with hyperplastic scar tissues erased and the radial head relocated.


Follow-up 4 months later showed satisfactory recovery of function.


Forearm fractures in children may be misjudged, and that early anatomical reduction rather than conservative treatment may be required.

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