Treatment of great auricular neuralgia with real-time ultrasound-guided great auricular nerve block: A case report and review of the literature

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The great auricular nerve can be damaged by the neck surgery, tumor, and long-time pressure on the neck. But, great auricular neuralgia is very rare condition. It was managed by several medication and landmark-based great auricular nerve block with poor prognosis.

Patient concerns:

A 25-year-old man presented with a pain in the left lateral neck and auricle.


He was diagnosed with great auricular neuralgia.


His pain was not reduced by medication. Therefore, the great auricular nerve block with local anesthetics and steroid was performed under ultrasound guidance.


Ultrasound guided great auricular nerve block alleviated great auricular neuralgia.


This medication-resistant great auricular neuralgia was treated by the ultrasound guided great auricular nerve block with local anesthetic agent and steroid. Therefore, great auricular nerve block can be a good treatment option of medication resistant great auricular neuralgia.

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