Impact of the quality of life related to foot health in a sample of pregnant women: A case control study

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Pregnancy women coincide with numerous anatomical and physiological changes, which are believed to have a harmful effect on the quality of life related to foot health. The goal of this research was to identify and compare the impact foot health and overall health in a sample of pregnancy women and women without pregnancies with normalised reference values.

A sample of 159 participants of a mean age of 30.13 ± 6.28 came to the area of midwifery center where self-reported data were registered, informants’ with a 1 or various pregnancy was determined and the scores obtained were compared in the foot health status questionnaire (FHSQ). This has 13 questions that assess 4 health domains of the feet, namely pain, function, general health, and footwear.

The pregnant women group showed a worse quality of life related to health in general and to foot health specifically at the following domains, foot function, footwear, general foot, health, physical activity, social capacity, and vigor (P < 0.05) and there were no differences at foot pain and general health (P > 0.05).

Pregnant women present a negative impact on the quality of life related to foot health, which appears to be associated with the pregnancy period.

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