Peliosis hepatis: 2 case reports of a rare liver disorder and its differential diagnosis

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Peliosis hepatis (PH) is a rare tumor-like liver lesion composed of multiple blood-filled cavities within the liver parenchyma. It is hard to differentiate PH from other liver lesions by imaging, such as carcinoma, metastases, or abscess.

Patient concerns:

Here, we reported 2 cases that presented with liver lesions under ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scanning, without any history of liver diseases or drug usage traced back.


Liver biopsy and laparoscopy were processed, and the lesions were eventually diagnosed as PH by histopathology, which microscopically presented with multiple sinusoidal dilatations with blood-filled cystic spaces.


After the liver biopsy or laparoscopy, the patients were discharged and followed up in the clinic.


Both patients were followed up for at least 1 year with good recovery.


PH should always be recognized in the differentiation of liver lesions, particularly indistinctive lesion(s) without any history of liver-related diseases.

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