Using a pedicle pectoralis major musculocutaneous flap in head and neck reconstruction after modified radical mastectomy: A case report

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A pedicle pectoralis major musculocutaneous (PMMC) flap is one of the strategies for head and neck reconstruction. Seldom studies reported the case in which the skin area of previous modified radical mastectomy (MRM) had been used as a PMMC flap in head and neck reconstruction.

Patient concerns:

An 84-year-old female who had suffered from left breast cancer and undergone a left modified radical mastectomy (MRM) more than 20 years earlier.


She had squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and had undergone partial glossection and left modified radial neck dissection. Four months later, a left submandibular mass was noted with progressive enlargement and the biopsy revealed recurrent carcinoma.


Left marginal mandibulectomy with radical neck dissection was performed and the neck area was reconstructed by a left pedicle PMMC flap harvested from the left chest wall which had the previous MRM scar.


The post-operative course was uneventful with complete survival of the flap. The patient received post-operative adjuvant radiotherapy at the left neck and no delayed wound disruption or flap necrosis was noted six months after surgery.


A pedicle PMMC flap may be harvested to achieve a functionally as well as an aesthetically pleasing outcome without compromising its viability despite the previous MRM.

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