Long-term survival after sporadic and delayed metastases of conventional osteosarcoma: A case report

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Histologically conventional osteosarcoma, once metastasized to the lung, generally causes a rapid and fatal outcome. Osteosarcoma metastasis to the gastrointestinal tract is extremely rare.

We report herein a case of osteoblastic osteosarcoma with exceptionally unique features: sporadic lung metastases and delayed metastases to the stomach and the jejunum with long-term survival. She received multiple operations and chemotherapies, but consequently died of peritoneal dissemination. A review of the literature on osteosarcoma metastasis to the gastrointestinal tract is presented.

This patient was very unusual in terms of a long-term survival and metastatic sites, suggesting the importance of vigilance and thorough follow-up for patients with conventional osteosarcoma.

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