Statistical Analysis of Organ Morphometric Parameters and Weights in South Iranian Adult Autopsies

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Organ weight is one important indicator to discern normal from abnormal condition in forensic pathology as well as in clinical medicine. The present study aimed to investigate morphometric parameters and organ weights of southern Iranian adults, which can be fundamental sources to be compared to abnormal cases.

Morphometric parameters and weights of 6 organs (heart, liver, kidney, spleen, appendix, and brain), which were harvested from 501 southern Iranian adults (385 males and 116 females) during ordinary postmortem examination, were measured.

All the organs were heavier in males than in females. Heart, brain, spleen, and right kidney were significantly heavier in males compared to females, but no significant difference was observed between the 2 sexes regarding the weights of the rest of the organs. Moreover, brain and heart became heavier as one got older and most organs were heavier in middle-aged individuals compared to other age groups. Furthermore, various types of correlations were observed between different organs’ weights and body parameters.

These results can be useful anatomical data for autopsy investigations, clinical practices, and research in southern Iran.

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