Unusual jaw metastasis from squamous cell lung cancer in heavy smoker: Two case reports and review of the literature

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Jaw metastasis is a very rare condition associated with lung cancer evolution. In this paper we present two cases of patients who underwent different approach.


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer related death worldwide. Survival depends on the staging and biology of tumor. Smoking may affect the prognosis.

Patient concerns:

There are herein reported the cases of two patients affected by squamous cell lung cancer with spread to mandibular bone.


In the first case a computed tomography (CT scan) showed a large mass located in upper right lung , then bronchoscopy was performed with biopsies and the histology revealed a squamous cell carcinoma P63+ and TTF-. In the second case upper right lung mass with metastases to mediastinal bilateral lymph nodes was found at CT scan. A bronchial biopsy revealed a squamous cell carcinoma p63 positive and TTF-1 negative.


The first, a 65-years old man, current heavy smoker who quit and relapsed, at initial stage of IIa (T2aN1M0), after initial neo-adjuvant chemotherapy underwent lung lobectomy and lymph nodes resection. Three months later a metastasis located on mandibular bone was found out. The second case, a 68-years old female heavy smoker, at initial stage IIIb not available for surgery because of involvement of bilateral lymph nodes, underwent first line course chemotherapy with cisplatin and vinorelbine and second line with erlotinib.


The first patient underwent hyperthermia and radiotherapy but a sepsis developed and patients died. In the second case, after two months from the beginning of II line the patient developed a jaw metastasis and underwent surgery with resection of hemi-mandible, but soon after she died because of pulmonary embolism.


These cases highlight the poor prognosis of patients current smokers affected by squamous cell lung cancer. The jaw bone localization is very rare and different approach could be applied.

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