Stereoelectroencephalography based on the Leksell stereotactic frame and Neurotech operation planning software

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This study aimed to introduce a new stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) system based on Leksell stereotactic frame (L-SEEG) as well as Neurotech operation planning software, and to investigate its safety, applicability, and reliability.L-SEEG, without the help of navigation, includes SEEG operation planning software (Neurotech), Leksell stereotactic frame, and corresponding surgical instruments. Neurotech operation planning software can be used to display three-dimensional images of the cortex and cortical vessels and to plan the intracranial electrode implantation. In 44 refractory epilepsy patients, 364 intracranial electrodes were implanted through the L-SEEG system, and the postoperative complications such as bleeding, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leakage, infection, and electrode-related problems were also investigated.All electrodes were implanted accurately as preoperatively planned shown by postoperative lamina computed tomography and preoperative lamina magnetic resonance imaging. There was no severe complication after intracranial electrode implantation through the L-SEEG system. There were no electrode-related problems, no CSF leakage and no infection after surgery. All the patients recovered favorably after SEEG electrode implantation, and only 1 patient had asymptomatic frontal lateral ventricle hematoma (3 mL).The L-SEEG system with Neurotech operation planning software can be used for safe, accurate, and reliable intracranial electrode implantation for SEEG.

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