Cancer incidence and mortality in Hebei province, 2013

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To estimate the numbers of new cancer cases and deaths in Hebei province in 2013 and to investigate the real cancer burden in Hebei province to develop strategies for cancer prevention and control.Data on new cancer cases and deaths in 2013 were collected from 31 population-based cancer registries of Hebei province. All data were checked and evaluated based on data quality criteria from the “Chinese Guideline for Cancer Registration” and “Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Volume IX” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer/International Association of Cancer Registration (IARC/IACR). Qualified data from 21 registries were used for analysis after evaluation. Data analysis was stratified by areas (urban/rural), gender, age group, and cancer type. New cancer cases and deaths in Hebei province were estimated using age-specific rates and the corresponding provincial population. The 10 most common cancers in different groups and the cumulative rates were calculated. The Chinese population census in 2000 and the population of Segi were used for age-standardized incidence/mortality rates.The covered populations included 11, 185,626 people (5,709,393 in males and 5,476,233 in females) from 21 qualified cancer registries, accounting for 15.25% of Hebei provincial population. The major indicators of quality control, that is, the percentage of cases morphologically verified (MV%), percentage of cancer cases identified with a death certificate only (DCO%), and the mortality to incidence rate ratio (M/I), were 75.56%, 3.23%, and 0.65, respectively. In 2013, it was estimated that there were approximately 164,100 newly diagnosed cancer cases and 105,200 cancer deaths in Hebei province. The incidence rate of cancer was 225.36/100,000 (248.03/100,000 in males, 201.73/100,000 in females), and the age-standardized incidence rates by Chinese standard population (ASIRC) and the world standard population (ASIRW) were 182.81/100,000 and 181.36/100,000, respectively. The cancer incidence and ASIRC were 225.49/100,000 and 173.84/100,000 in urban areas and 225.27/100,000 and 189.31/100,000 in rural areas, respectively. The cancer mortality rate was 145.46/100,000 (177.85/100,000 in males and 111.70/100,000 in females). Age-standardized mortality rates by Chinese standard population (ASMRC) and world standard population (ASMRW) were 119.09/100,000 and 118.73/100,000, respectively. The cancer mortality rate in rural areas (152.64/100,000) was higher than that in urban areas (135.71/100,000). The most common cancers were lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer. Lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer were the major causes of cancer death in Hebei province.The coverage of cancer registration population has rapidly increased and may reveal the cancer burden in Hebei province more comprehensively. The cancer burden in Hebei province is heavy, and prevention and control measures should be enhanced.

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