A multidisciplinary team approach for nutritional interventions conducted by specialist nurses in patients with advanced colorectal cancer undergoing chemotherapy: A clinical trial

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Background & aims:Nutritional interventions for malnutrition in cancer patients can be helpful. However, concise intervention recommendations remain controversial. Thus, the aim of this study was to report on a nutrition intervention conducted by a multidisciplinary team of specialist nurses and to explore the effect of nutritional intervention on cancer patients.Methods:This prospective clinical trial study enrolled 110 colorectal cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The patients were evaluated upon admission using the 2002 Nutritional Risk Screening system (NRS-2002). The patients were randomly divided into intervention and control groups including 55 patients each. Patients in the control group were administered a normal diet, while those in the intervention group received individual recipes developed by a team of professional nurses, clinical doctors, dietitian, family caregivers, and the patients themselves. Patient weight and serum albumin and prealbumin levels were compared between the 2 groups at different time points.Results:There was a significant difference in patient weight and serum albumin and prealbumin levels before and after nutrition intervention in the intervention group (P < .05). In the control group, weight did not change during ordinary diet guidance. Serum albumin level was slightly improved after 12 cycles of chemotherapy, similar to the prealbumin results. There were statistically significant differences in serum albumin and prealbumin levels between the intervention and control groups after nutrition intervention (P < .05). However, there was no statistically significant difference in weight between the groups after nutrition intervention (P > .05).Conclusion:A multidisciplinary team approach for nutrition intervention conducted by specialist nurses improved prealbumin levels in colorectal cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, with no weight change.

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