Koebner phenomenon induced by failed revisional orthopedic surgery but remitted with bone union: A case report

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Rationale:Trauma or surgical incision might cause Koebner phenomenon (KP) in patients with cutaneous diseases, but seldom studies reported KP induced by repeated orthopedic surgery.Patient concerns:The 22-year-old man did not have any prior histories of cutaneous diseases. Two months after the revision surgery for nonunion of the left femoral shaft fracture, KP was noted by psoriasis presented at the surgical scar, left thigh, scalp, and trunk. Phototherapy and topical treatments were prescribed but the effect was limited.Diagnosis:KP induced by failed revisional orthopedic surgery.Interventions:Because of implant failure, he underwent the second revision surgery, which was performed on the previous scar surrounded and covered by psoriatic plaques.Outcomes:After the second revision surgery successfully corrected the orthopedic problem, the psoriatic lesion remitted along with the bone union.Lessons:In a patient having KP, to perform an operation on psoriatic lesion sites was safe and the surgical wound could heal well. The most important to treat KP induced by orthopedic surgery might be the underlying bone stability.

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