Randomized controlled trial of 3 days fasting and oral senna, combined with mannitol and simethicone, before capsule endoscopy

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Background and Study Aims:The approach to small bowel preparation before capsule endoscopy (CE) is still suboptimal.Patients and Methods:One hundred eighty patients were randomly allocated to 3 groups. Patients in Group A took 250 mL 20% mannitol and 1 L 0.9% saline orally at 05:00 hours on the day of the procedure. In Group B the same preparation was taken at 20:00 on the day before, and at 05:00 on the day of CE; in addition, 20 mL oral simethicone was taken 30 minutes before CE. Group C was treated identically to Group B, except that the patients fasted for 3 days and took 3 g senna orally 3 times daily before CE. The length of bowel containing green luminal contents was assessed by ImageJ software and bowel cleanliness was evaluated by computed assessment of the cleansing score.Results:Cleansing of the whole small bowel and the distal small bowel were significantly different between the 3 groups (χ2 = 22.470, P = .000; χ2 = 17.029, P = .000, respectively). There were also significant differences between the 3 groups in the length of small bowel and specifically the length of the distal small bowel containing green luminal contents (χ2 = 12.390, P = .000, χ2 = 15.141, P = .000, respectively), but not with regard to the proximal small bowel (χ2 = 0.678, P = .509).Conclusions:Three days fasting and oral senna, combined with 20% mannitol and simethicone, before CE, can reduce the effects of bile on the small bowel and improve small bowel cleansing, especially in the distal small intestine.

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