Removal of a subdermal contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT) that migrated to the axilla by C-arm guidance: A case report and review of the literature

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Rationale:To report the distant migration of a subdermal contraceptive implant and to suggest that C arm-guided technique is one of the feasible options for removal of the device migrated to the axilla.Patient concerns:A 41-year-old multipara with tingling sensation in the left axilla was referred for removal of an Implanon NXT which could not be palpated by physical examination or detected by ultrasound scanning. Finally, the device was detected by computed tomography and found migrating to the left axilla.Diagnosis:Migration of Implanon NXT to the left axilla abutting the brachial plexus.Interventions:The device was removed by C arm-guiding.Outcomes:The patient went home without any procedure-related complications.Lessons:The incidence of distant migration of a subdermal implant is possible and should be checked up regularly. If the device cannot be palpated or detected by ultrasound at the original implanting site, this should be concerned. Since the single-rod subdermal implant is radiopaque, it can be detected by roentgenography. In this case the distant migration was detected in the axilla, therefore using C arm-guided technique is feasible for the removal of the migrating device. After reviewing the literature, totally 10 cases of distant migration were reported including 2 cases of migration which were advanced further to the pulmonary artery as an embolization.

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