Excision of sebaceous cyst by intraoral approach: A case report

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Rationale:Surgical removal of a sebaceous cyst is usually accomplished through an external incision, which inevitably results in a scar. Herein, we described an intraoral approach for excising sebaceous cysts located in the lip or cheek near lip commissure, to avoid a skin scar.Patient concerns:Removal of the cyst but without leaving a scar on the face.Diagnoses:Six patients were diagnosed with a subcutaneous cyst located in the lip or cheek near lip commissure.Interventions:We implemented an intraoral approach to excise the cyst, wherein an intraoral incision was made and blunt dissection was performed through the buccinator muscle or orbicularis oris muscle until the cyst wall was seen. The cyst was then dissected from the surrounding subcutaneous tissue by careful blunt dissection with a hemostat and completely removed through the intraoral incision.Outcomes:All patients had complete recovery, with no recurrence or complaints for at least 6 months after the surgery.Lessons:A sebaceous cyst located in the lip or cheek near lip commissure can be excised by an intraoral approach through the mouth, which avoids a visible scar on the skin.

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