Inflammatory foreign body reaction caused by resorbable materials used for orbital fractures repair: A case report

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Rationale:Resorbable materials have been recommended for orbital fractures repair. Many literatures reported the advantages of resorbable materials in clinical applications, but few reports about complications.Patient concerns:In this study, we encountered a 14-year-old boy treated for the orbital fracture by using resorbable plate, in whom inflammatory foreign body reaction was detected. In addition, this patient had repeated history of skin allergy and upper respiratory tract infection.Diagnoses:Intraoperative observation showed that the resorbable material near the orbital rim was covered by granulation and inflammatory tissues, without purulent secretions. The histological examination revealed inflammatory foreign body reaction to the resorbable plate.Interventions:Debridement was taken to remove the mass on the left lower eyelid. At the outpatient examination, a small amount of granulation tissue was found at the incision. Then, secondary surgery for exploration and removal of the resorbable material was carried, 9 months after the first surgery.Outcomes:One month after the surgery, the skin retraction, ectropion, and edema gradually improved.Lessons:Inadequate degradation of resorbable materials and patient's medical history of allergies may cause an inflammatory foreign body reaction. Therefore, it is prudent to choose resorbable materials for patients.

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