Meningiomas with different histological grade in the same patient: Case report

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Meningiomas are mostly regarded as benign tumors histologically,accounting for 13% to 26% of all primary intracranial tumors.It is testified that multiple meningiomas occur in <10% of cases.A case of concurrent grades I and II in the same patient in our hospital was described.

Patient concern:

A 66-year-old man who was experiencing headache and weakening in the left limbs, which gradually improved.Then, the myodynamia of left limb was weakening to level 3 and the muscular tension of left limbwas too strong for 1 year. Finally the man was admitted to our department of neurosurgery.


According the symptoms, signs and imaging data the patient. The 2 masses was diagnosed as the meningioma.Finally the histological examination showed the meningioma located in the right parietal lobe was diagnosed as fibrous meningioma,WHOgrade I, whereas meningioma reaching to the skull as atypical meningioma, WHO grade II.


The 2 masses including the invaded dura mater,parietal skull, and adjacent subcutaneous tissue were excised wholly In the process of surgery.


There is no sign caused by recurrent tumor. within the half year.The physical of the patient is good


The patient with multicentric meningiomas should keep follow-up closely in case the meningiomas show the malignant characteristics.

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