Circulating microRNA expression and their target genes in deep vein thrombosis: A systematic review and bioinformatics analysis

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Clinically, D-dimer is the only established biomarker for the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). However, low specificity discounts its diagnostic value. Several publications have illustrated the differentially expressed circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) and their potential diagnostic values for DVT patients. Therefore, we systematically evaluated present researches and further performed bioinformatics analysis, to provide new insights into the diagnosis and underlying mechanisms of miRNAs in DVT.


Databases PubMed, Web of Science, and Embase were searched from January 2000 to April 2017. Articles on circulating miRNAs expression in DVT were retrieved and reference lists were handpicked. Bioinformatics analysis was conducted for further evaluation.


Eventually, the eligibility criteria for inclusion in this study were met by 3 articles, which consisted of 13 specially expressed miRNAs and 149 putative target genes. Two representative KEGG pathways, vascular endothelial growth factor and phosphatidylinositol 3’-kinase (PI3K)-Akt signaling pathway, seemed to participate in the regulatory network of thrombosis.


Despite the potential diagnostic value and regulation effect, the results of circulating miRNAs used as biomarkers for DVT are not so encouraging. More in-depth and larger sample investigations are needed to explore the diagnostic and therapeutic values of miRNAs for DVT.

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