Increased levels of prostaglandin E-major urinary metabolite (PGE-MUM) in active mesenteric panniculitis patients: A case report

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Rationale:Mesenteric panniculitis (MP) is a rare disease with abdominal and systemic symptoms and is characterized by nonspecific inflammation, fat necrosis, and fibrosis in mesenteric fat. Active inflammatory responses may increase levels of prostaglandin E-major urinary metabolite (PGE-MUM), which was reported to reflect the disease activity of ulcerative colitis and chronic fibrosing interstitial pneumonia. We recently experienced a case with elevated PGE-MUM at the time of diagnosis of MP and we investigated the potential of PGE-MUM as a biomarker.Patient concern:In this report we described 2 active mesenteric panniculitis patients with high PGE-MUM levels.Diagnoses:Mesenteric panniculitisInterventions:Both MP patients were measured the levels of PGE-MUM.Outcomes:Both MP patients exhibited high levels of PGE-MUM before treatment. In one, the levels were sensitively correlated with clinical symptoms and serological markers on steroids.Lessons:The study observations suggest the potential of PGE-MUM to reflect the disease activity of MP. To verify its use, more findings based on clinical studies should be accumulated.

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